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Service at Doorstep or HouseJoy Partner Centers • 7 days a week • Save upto 30%

Our Services include

  • Visual Inspection to Diagnose Bike Issues
  • Waterless Bike Wash
  • Clean & Adjust Spark Plug
  • Air Filter Cleaning/ Replacement
  • Drive Chain Adjustment
  • Front & Rear Brake Adjustment/ Cleaning
  • Cltuch Play Adjustment
  • Carburettor Bowl Cleaning
  • Engine Oil Change (Labor)
  • Carburettor Adjustment using Tachometer
  • Steering Play Adjustment
  • Fasteners Tightening & Adjustment
  • Engine Compression Checking
  • Drive Chain Cleaning & Lubrication
  • Minor Electrical Checkup
  • Check & Adjust Valve Clearance
  • Lubricate Control Cables
  • Lubrication of Swing Arm Pivot Axle

Our Services include

  • Periodic Car Service 
  • Car Repairs & Inspection
  • Car Spa & Detailing 
  • Car Breakdown Service

Why Choose Us

  • Expert Mechanics
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Zero Upselling
  • Warranty
  • Doorstep Service
  • Choice of Spare Parts

**Oil Change

Chain Greasing & Adjustment

**Air Filter Cleaning/ Replacement

Break & Pad Check

Carburettor Bowl Cleaning

**Spark Plug Cleaning/ Replacement

Waterless Cleaning

Periodic Car Service

Car Repairs & Inspection

Car Spa & Detailing

Car Breakdown Service

**Engine Oil, Spark Plug, Air Filter & Any other parts will be charged at Actuals

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Our regular service offering intends to do away with the need of visiting a garage for your general maintenance needs. We perform maintenance tasks like oil change, air filter cleaning, spark plug cleaning, brake cleaning, chain adjustment and cleaning, etc. following a 21 point checklist as per OEM specifications at your doorstep.
Currently we are serving Hero-honda, Bajaj, TVS, Yamaha etc. We are not servicing super bikes as of now.
The 450 Rs includes general servicing as well as labor cost for engine oil, spark plug and air filter replacement. In case any additional spare needs replacement, or a repair needs to be performed, the mechanic will provide you a quote which will be chargeable extra. All materials like Engine Oil, Spark Plug etc. will be charged at actuals in addition to the labor charges.
We would love to, but it’s not possible at the doorstep. For tasks like engine repair (engine making noise?), mag wheel repair, shocker repair, body repair, clutch plate replacement etc., the bike will need to be picked up and serviced at one of our partner garages. The mechanic who comes to your place will facilitate pickup/drop in case of major repairs. Please note, an additional pickup/drop or towing charge might apply in case a pickup is needed.
We generally (based on availability in your area) carry Shell mineral oil. However, the customer can request the mechanic to use a different brand as well and the mechanic will be happy to use the oil specified by you. If you chose, you can provide the oil as well to the mechanic.
Yes, we use a waterless wash solution for washing your bike. Although this does not clean all nooks and corners of the bike, it does a great job of giving a shine to the metallic body of your bike. You will love it! We don’t use water mostly because it is a problem in most societies/ offices as well as the fact that it’s difficult to carry the washing tools on a two-wheeler!
We provide waterless, steam and shampoo wash depending on the availability of the appropriate service provider near your location. All Housejoy service providers use high quality chemicals and microfiber cloth which prevents scratches on your car paint while washing.
We would need a working electric connection for vacuuming or running the steam machine. In case you are unable to provide an electric connection, we can bring a genset along at an additional cost (typically 200 Rs). HouseJoy Experts usually carry water along with them for washing. However in case of a water wash, please take prior approval from the society complex or your office as it does leave water and soap in the area where the car is washed.
We will be happy to take up a monthly subscription with three external washes and one internal cleaning per week. The benefits of the HouseJoy way of washing over your traditional society guy washing your car everyday using a rag and water are many. It prevents scratches on your paint which the rag causes, prolonging the life of your car paint and provides better shine. However, for this to work for us, it is essential to have a minimum of 30 car subscriptions in a society complex. If you can convince your society mates to come together to avail this service, we would love to offer this at a range of INR 600-700 per month per car.
Book for a service on our APP or Website. In case you selected a pickup/drop service, a representative from our partners will pick up the car from your location and drop it back after the service is completed. In case of doorstep service, a team of trained mechanics will visit your location and complete the service in front of you.
We maintain full transparency and ensure that you get details of all work done on your car. Our network partners have trained and experienced mechanics and use dealer authorized genuine spare parts and accessories. To backup our service quality, we provide a free 6 month/ 6000 km service warranty on all car services done through our network.
We provide you the option of both genuine spare parts or compatible aftermarket parts as per your requirement. Warranty for parts would depend on your choice (genuine/compatible) during the service. Please check with service provider on the same during the service.
Typically, cars which we pick up before 12 pm, are delivered the same day and cars picked up after that are delivered the next day. However, there could be cases where a repair or spares procurement takes more time than anticipated. We will keep you informed in such cases.
Definitely. We only work with reputed partners, and the pickup/ delivery is done by authorized personnel only. Be rest assured that your car is in safe hands.